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We Specialise In All Strata Remedial Building Services

Tackling the complexities of strata building challenges in Sydney, which encompass structural integrity, maintenance, and regulatory compliance, necessitates specialised expertise in remedial building services tailored specifically for such properties.

Strata building issues in Sydney can be multifaceted, posing a significant risk to the safety, value, and functionality of the property if not addressed promptly and effectively.

Comprehending these challenges requires a profound understanding of strata properties in Sydney, their unique characteristics, and the regulatory framework governing strata buildings in New South Wales. 

The challenges often extend beyond mere building maintenance, involving the management of common property areas, compliance with strata laws and regulations specific to Sydney, and the resolution of disputes.

Overcoming these challenges calls for collaboration with experienced professionals and adherence to industry standards. Engaging a trusted and reliable Sydney remedial builder is paramount in successfully managing strata building challenges. We bring the requisite expertise and experience to the table to navigate the complexities inherent in Sydney’s strata buildings.

Our Specialised Strata Remedial Services

Our specialised remedial services span a vast spectrum, designed to address a multitude of strata property issues specific to Sydney, Australia.

These services are customised to each project, ensuring the successful execution of remedial building repairs and solutions.

Whether it’s reviving an old building or providing strata repair solutions, our dedication to quality and safety remain at the helm of our operations.

Strata Repair Solutions

Boasting more than two decades of industry excellence, we deliver comprehensive remedial building repair solutions for a range of strata property issues in the Sydney metropolitan area. 

We assure top-notch quality, efficiency, and reliability in our services. Our Strata Remedial solutions cover a wide spectrum, from structural issues, cladding compliance, fire upgrade orders, through to water damage repair, and building façade refurbishment or maintenance.

Here’s a snapshot of our service range for your reference:

Service TypeService Details
Structural IssuesComplete solutions for structural problems
Cladding ComplianceEnsuring building cladding abides by regulations
Fire Upgrade OrdersExecuting fire safety upgrades
Water Damage RepairMending and preventing water damage

Our proven track record has established us as a trusted choice for Strata Remedial solutions in Sydney. We are committed to maintaining the integrity of Sydney’s strata properties with our expert solutions.

Rejuvenating Aged Buildings

In addition to managing a range of strata property repair issues, we also specialise in revitalising aged buildings in Sydney, infusing them with new life through our expert remedial services.

Our team of seasoned professionals, with their outstanding workmanship, can address both minor and major structural problems in strata buildings across Sydney.

We provide remedial building services that are dependable, efficient and adhere to the highest standards of safety and environmental management.

Our services are customised to the needs of Strata Managers in Sydney, with the goal to restore the aesthetic appeal and structural integrity of aged buildings, whilst guaranteeing timely execution of projects.

Through our meticulous attention to detail and commitment to quality, we consistently deliver a premium finish, thus adding value to your Sydney property.

Addressing Concrete Cancer

To effectively tackle the issue of concrete cancer in strata buildings in Sydney, it is vital to employ tested and dependable treatment methods. Our proficiency in delivering bespoke solutions, combined with the application of premium remedial techniques, facilitates the management and repair of concrete cancer in Sydney’s strata properties.

Grounding our methods on successful treatment techniques, we consistently offer top-quality and long-lasting solutions for our clients. Our services are not solely confined to addressing the existing damage, but also concentrate on preventing future recurrences.

With our remedial building services for strata in Sydney, we are devoted to preserving the structural integrity of your property, guaranteeing longevity and safety for all residents.

Water Damage Solutions

Specialising in water damage solutions for strata properties in Sydney, our team possesses the expertise to recognise and mend water-related issues, safeguarding the integrity and safety of the building. We comprehend that water damage can depreciate a property’s value and present substantial health hazards, thus necessitating immediate and efficient solutions.

We provide an extensive array of services tailored to combat water damage in strata properties in Sydney, which includes:

  • Waterproofing: A vital protective action against water intrusion and damage.
  • Leak Detection: Utilising state-of-the-art technology to pinpoint and repair leaks, preventing additional damage.
  • Flood Restoration: Swift response to restore properties impacted by flooding, minimising disruption.

Renowned for our reliable and premium quality workmanship, we are trusted by strata managers, body corporates, and building managers across Sydney. Our remedial building services are bespoke and thorough, with a robust emphasis on customer service and satisfaction.

Water damage doesn’t have to spell catastrophe for your strata property. With our comprehensive water damage solutions, we can assist you in preserving the value and safety of your strata property in Sydney.

Correcting Structural Issues

Addressing structural issues in strata properties necessitates a meticulous and expert approach, an area where our proficient Sydney-based team shines. We are proud of our ability to execute successful remedial building repairs for a spectrum of strata property issues, always providing top-tier services with efficiency and dependability.

One of our main objectives is pinpointing the causes of deterioration. This is a crucial step in our procedure, enabling us to precisely diagnose the issue and provide the most effective solution. Our team of licensed remedial builders in Sydney utilise their vast experience to manage both minor and major projects, upholding our highest standards of quality assurance, safety, and environmental management.

We comprehend the importance of swift intervention when it comes to structural issues. Therefore, all our building works and remedial repairs are carried out promptly without compromising on quality. Through our expert approach, we consistently deliver a premium finish, ensuring the longevity and safety of your strata property in Sydney.

Our remedial building services are designed to address and rectify structural issues effectively, thus providing you with peace of mind.

Why Choose Our Strata Remedial Services

With a clear understanding of our expertise in remedying structural issues, it’s crucial to acknowledge the exceptional benefits of our Sydney-based strata remedial services.

Our services deliver cost-effective solutions, guaranteeing quality and efficiency in every project undertaken, irrespective of its magnitude.

Boasting over 30 years of industry experience in Sydney, we provide:

  • Premium Service:
  • Prompt completion to minimise inconvenience.
  • Consistent delivery of a top-tier finish to increase property value.
  • High Standards:
  • Safety and Environmental Management strategies integrated into all projects.
  • Quality Assurance process implemented to assure impeccable work.

Our reach isn’t confined to the Northern Beaches, but extends across the entire Sydney metropolitan area. Our team has the capability to manage both minor projects and substantial works with equal proficiency. Our dedication to delivering cost-effective solutions without sacrificing quality distinguishes us.

Opting for our Sydney strata remedial services means investing in a solution that guarantees the longevity of your property, safety of its occupants, and overall peace of mind. Trust us to transform your strata property into a secure and appealing space.

FAQ About Strata Remedial Building

The responsibility typically falls to the owners’ corporation of the strata scheme. They are required to maintain and repair common property. The funding for these works usually comes from the strata levies paid by the owners, and in some cases, special levies may be raised to cover significant remedial works.

Contractors are usually chosen through a tender process managed by the strata committee or a strata management company. It’s important to select contractors with experience in strata remedial work and a good track record in Sydney. They must also comply with New South Wales building regulations and standards.

Yes, strata remedial building works in Sydney must comply with the New South Wales Strata Schemes Management Act 2015, the Building Code of Australia, and any relevant local council regulations. These regulations ensure that works are carried out safely, legally, and to a high standard.

Residents, or strata lot owners, should be kept informed through regular communication from the strata committee or strata manager. Major decisions regarding remedial works are typically made in strata committee meetings or at annual general meetings (AGMs), where lot owners can vote on proposed actions.

A strata manager facilitates the process by organising meetings, obtaining quotes from contractors, communicating with lot owners, and sometimes overseeing the work to ensure compliance with the agreed terms. They act as a liaison between the owners’ corporation and the contractors.

The duration varies significantly depending on the scope and complexity of the project. Minor repairs might take a few weeks, while extensive remedial works can take several months or more. Contractors should provide a timeline with their quote.

If an owner is unable to pay a special levy for remedial works, they should communicate this to the strata committee or strata manager. Payment plans or other arrangements might be possible. In extreme cases, legal action can be taken by the owners’ corporation to recover unpaid levies.

Yes, owners have the right to dispute decisions about remedial works. This can be done by raising the issue in a strata meeting, requesting a motion for a new resolution, or, as a last resort, seeking mediation or legal advice.

Strata Remedial Building Work We Have Completed

What Our Clients Say About Us

“I’ve had Predrag manage four projects for me for over four years, and I’ve been completely satisfied. Predrag was completely professional, starting with the quotes for the jobs he undertook, breaking them down into sections. He also has an eye for detail and makes suggestions for anything he feels needs attention. He’s punctual and reliable, and so I couldn’t recommend Predrag highly enough.”

Helen Muir

“Predrag Loncar of SMR Builders was hired in March 2020 to carry out remedial repairs to our property, to reverse bad building practices during the original build 20 years ago, which had led to extensive damp problems in the walls. His initial inspection was detailed, wide-ranging and thorough. After we had accepted his quote, he made sure that he consulted and liaised with us at every stage of the work. When he opened the walls for repair, in several places, he discovered further problems which he carefully explained to us and then offered suggestions for repair. With Predrag and SMR Builders, you will get someone passionate about his work, who has a detectives’ nose for seeking out the best possible solution and who wants to achieve the best possible result. He is very aware that his work is in someone’s home, and he constantly stresses to his men to be respectful of their surroundings. We are very happy to say that the team of Christian the foreman, with Ivan and Caramba, were very pleasant to have around, and did not cause us any problems at all. We have no hesitation in recommending Predrag and SMR Builders; it would be very difficult to find a better builder for your remedial work.”

Gillian Russell & William Hope

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