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Structural Landscaping Sydney

Here at SMR Builders, we’re experts in structural landscaping services in Sydney, and are here to transform your outdoor space into a stunning and practical area

We offer a wide range of structural landscaping services.

Paving & Driveways

We at SMR Builders are well-known for delivering top-notch paving solutions.

Quality paving plays a crucial role in structural landscaping. It’s not just about creating a walkway or a patio; it’s about transforming your outdoor space into a beautiful and functional area. 

With SMR Builders’ paving services, you’re not just improving your property; you’re investing in it. Whether it’s a small garden path or a sprawling outdoor space, we have the expertise to make your vision come to life.

Along with paving, we also offer driveway construction services. We’re experts in creating driveways that aren’t just visually pleasing, but also durable and practical.

Decking and Pergola Designs

You’ll find our decking options come in a myriad of colours and textures, designed to complement your outdoor space perfectly. Whether it’s a pool deck, a rooftop terrace, or a backyard patio, our versatile decking solutions provide both functional and aesthetic benefits.

Pergolas create inviting spaces for entertainment and relaxation. Imagine hosting a family barbecue under a beautifully designed pergola or enjoying a quiet evening reading under its shade. Our expert team specialises in enhancing outdoor areas with these beautiful structures.

Retaining Walls and Stone Cladding

Retaining walls are crucial for structural stability. It’s not just about holding back soil; it’s also about creating a visually appealing feature in your landscape.

We don’t just build retaining walls; we transform them into stunning features. Using a variety of techniques, we’re able to enhance the visual appeal of your retaining walls, turning basic functional elements into aesthetic highlights.

However, we ensure the functionality of your retaining wall isn’t compromised while focusing on aesthetics. When you choose our services, you’re not just getting a retaining wall, you’re getting a work of art that enhances your landscape’s overall appeal and functionality.

Fencing and Gates

We also specialise in customised fencing and gates, offering a wide variety of styles and materials to match your specific needs in Sydney. 

Our fencing options go beyond aesthetics, prioritising your privacy and security. Whether you own a residential or commercial property, we’ve got you covered.

We believe that fencing plays a key role in defining property boundaries while enhancing your property’s overall appeal. Our well-designed and durable fencing solutions ensure that your property isn’t just visually appealing, but also secure and private.

What sets us apart is our ability to provide customised installations. You’re not tied to a one-size-fits-all solution. We understand that your property is unique and so are your preferences. Our team is committed to meeting these individual needs, tailoring each installation to perfectly fit your property.

Softscape and Garden Planning

Our softscape and garden planning services transform your outdoor space into a lush, vibrant oasis. Softscape is all about adding life to your garden through plant and turf installations. We meticulously plan every detail to create a designer yard with the perfect balance of aesthetics and maintenance.

With our garden planning services, we incorporate softscape elements to create visually appealing and sustainable landscapes. We focus on creating beautiful garden spaces that aren’t only visually attractive but also easy to maintain.

Here’s what you can expect when you choose our softscape and garden planning services:

  • Expert plant and turf installations to add colour and softness to your outdoor space.
  • Meticulous planning to achieve a designer yard that’s as easy to maintain as it’s beautiful.
  • Incorporation of softscape elements into your garden design for a visually appealing and sustainable landscape.
  • Creation of garden spaces that are both attractive and straightforward to care for.

Transform your garden into a living artwork with our softscape and garden planning services.

Engineering and Excavation

We offer all engineering and excavation services required to get your structural landscaping job going and completed.

This step is crucial to ensure your landscaping is done correctly, and we make sure that all excavation and engineering work meets local council requirements and is done to the highest standard.

Feature Lighting

You’ll love our range of feature lighting options that can truly enhance your outdoor spaces.

Incorporating feature lighting in your outdoor space not only elevates its aesthetics but also enhances functionality, offering safe and convenient access to your property. 

A well-lit driveway increases security, improving visibility for both you and your visitors. With options such as solar-powered, LED, or motion-sensor lights, you can choose the perfect fit for your driveway’s design and your property’s needs.

FAQ About Structural Landscaping

Structural landscaping involves incorporating hardscape features such as fences, retaining walls, decks, and pergolas into garden or yard designs. These elements add both aesthetic appeal and functional value, potentially increasing the property’s market value​.

Structural landscaping can enhance the visual appeal and usability of outdoor spaces, increase property value, reduce maintenance needs, and provide enjoyable outdoor areas for relaxation and entertainment. It’s particularly beneficial for busy homeowners who prefer a low-maintenance yet functional garden​.

Yes, professional landscapers are recommended because they can ensure that the structural elements are built safely and comply with local regulations. Professionals can handle everything from design and planning to execution, including necessary excavations, constructions, and even plumbing or electrical setups.

Some typical challenges include soil erosion, drainage problems, overgrowth, and pests. These issues can affect the longevity and appearance of hardscape features if not managed properly​​.

Yes, if you want to perform structural landscaping work in New South Wales, you’ll need a structural landscaping licence. This requires completing qualifications like the Certificate III in Landscape Construction. Licensed professionals are able to undertake a range of projects, ensuring compliance with state regulations​​.

Look for well-reviewed companies that have a solid track record. Companies like Greenbuild Sydney, which has over 35 years of experience, and others that are fully licensed and certified, are typically reliable choices. Checking testimonials and past project galleries can also provide insight into their capabilities and craftsmanship​​.

What Our Clients Say About Us

“I’ve had Predrag manage four projects for me for over four years, and I’ve been completely satisfied. Predrag was completely professional, starting with the quotes for the jobs he undertook, breaking them down into sections. He also has an eye for detail and makes suggestions for anything he feels needs attention. He’s punctual and reliable, and so I couldn’t recommend Predrag highly enough.”

Helen Muir

“Predrag Loncar of SMR Builders was hired in March 2020 to carry out remedial repairs to our property, to reverse bad building practices during the original build 20 years ago, which had led to extensive damp problems in the walls. His initial inspection was detailed, wide-ranging and thorough. After we had accepted his quote, he made sure that he consulted and liaised with us at every stage of the work. When he opened the walls for repair, in several places, he discovered further problems which he carefully explained to us and then offered suggestions for repair. With Predrag and SMR Builders, you will get someone passionate about his work, who has a detectives’ nose for seeking out the best possible solution and who wants to achieve the best possible result. He is very aware that his work is in someone’s home, and he constantly stresses to his men to be respectful of their surroundings. We are very happy to say that the team of Christian the foreman, with Ivan and Caramba, were very pleasant to have around, and did not cause us any problems at all. We have no hesitation in recommending Predrag and SMR Builders; it would be very difficult to find a better builder for your remedial work.”

Gillian Russell & William Hope

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