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Looking for reliable remedial builders to carry out remedial works to your Sydney building? Look no further than SMR Builders! With over four decades of experience in the building industry, we specialise in remedial building services for both residential and commercial buildings.

No matter what issue you are facing with your building, from rising damp to concrete cancer, façade damage, structural issues and more, we are able to rectify the problem and ensure that you don’t have to worry about it again!

Our team of local Sydney builders, project managers, site supervisors and foremen are specialists when it comes to remedial works (not all builders are!) and are committed to delivering industry-leading quality, procedures, and safety standards for both commercial and residential remedial projects using the most advanced and proven techniques available in the building industry.

As remedial builders based in Northern Beaches of Sydney, our experience and knowledge of local building construction is why we have a consistently high level of repeat business with long-standing clients who engage us for a wide variety of remedial solutions and restoration works across a vast range of property types in Sydney.

You can trust us at SMR Builders to provide tailored solutions for all your remedial projects, as we prioritise quality, reliability, and expertise in every job we undertake.

Remedial Building Services We Offer In Sydney

Rising Damp

Rising damp can seriously affect your home, but at SMR Builders, we know how to fix it. If you see peeling paint, damp spots, or smell something musty, these are signs of rising damp. Our remedial builders quickly find the problem and use the best solutions for your home.

We use advanced techniques to inject a damp-proof course into your walls, which stops moisture from rising. This not only protects your home but also prevents mould and mildew. Don’t let rising damp ruin your living space; let SMR Builders handle it with our proven methods.

DPC being injected into brick wall suffering from rising damp
A builder performing renovations on a home interior

Building Repairs

At SMR Builders, we offer comprehensive building repair services to keep your property in top shape. We handle everything from structural repairs and cracked walls to deteriorating brickwork.

Our team is skilled in fixing structural damage, repairing leaks, and restoring affected areas to their original condition. We use both modern and traditional building techniques to ensure repairs match your property’s design.

Foundation Repairs

We specialise in foundational repair services to keep your property safe and stable. If you have issues like sinking ground, cracked walls, or uneven floors, our expert remedial builders are here to help.

We use advanced techniques and top-quality materials to ensure long-lasting results. Don’t let small problems turn into big ones. Let SMR Builders help you keep a strong foundation for your home in Sydney.

Structure of a building needing repair
Facade Repair In Sydney

Façade Repair

Just like a strong foundation is essential for your building’s stability, a well-kept facade is key to its look and protection from weather. When your building’s facade shows signs of wear, it not only looks bad but can also lead to serious structural issues.

Our facade repair services fix problems like cracks, water leaks, and worn-out materials. We’ll bring your building’s exterior back to its original condition, making sure it looks great and stays strong. Using top-quality materials and expert techniques, we handle all types of facade repairs, from small fixes to major refurbishments.

Cavity Flashing

At SMR Builders, we know how important cavity flashing is for keeping water out and maintaining your building’s strength. Without proper cavity flashing, moisture can get into the walls, leading to serious damage and expensive repairs.

We specialise in installing and fixing cavity flashing to keep your property safe. Our expert team uses high-quality materials and precise techniques to create a strong barrier against water. Whether you have an existing problem or want to prevent future issues, we can help.

Cavity Flashing


Protecting your property from water damage is crucial, and waterproofing is one of the key services we offer at SMR Builders.

Moisture infiltration can cause serious damage and health problems, so it’s important to fully protect your building. Our expert remedial builders use advanced techniques and high-quality protective coatings to create a strong barrier against water.

We handle everything from basements to rooftops to ensure your entire property is covered. Whether you have a new construction project or need work on an existing building, our Sydney waterproofing services are customised to fit your needs.

Concrete Repairs

At SMR Builders, we specialise in concrete repairs, restoring both the strength and look of your structures. Our skilled team fixes cracks, spalling, and other concrete damage with great care.

Whether you need repairs for a residential driveway or a commercial building, we customise our solutions to fit your needs.

Concrete repairs being done on a wall
Structural Landscaping

Structural Landscaping

At SMR Builders, we turn outdoor spaces into beautiful and functional areas with our expert structural landscaping services. From retaining walls and garden edging to paving and drainage solutions, we handle it all.

A well-designed outdoor area not only looks great but also boosts property value and makes life more enjoyable. Whether you need to stabilise slopes, structural repairs or want to add stunning garden features, we can help.

Crack Stitching

We specialise in crack stitching to repair and strengthen cracked walls in homes and businesses. If you have structural damage, our crack stitching service can help restore your walls.

Crack stitching is cost-effective and causes minimum disruption, extending the lifespan of your building.

Cracks on a building wall that need stitching
Crack injections

Crack Injections

If you need to fill and seal cracks in concrete or masonry, you’ve come to the right place. We use top-quality epoxy and polyurethane resins to make sure your repair is strong and lasts a long time. This method is perfect for fixing structural cracks that could weaken your building.

Whether it’s for a home or a commercial property, our crack injection solutions give you peace of mind and a safer structure.


We specialise in keeping your commercial property safe and functional with a wide range of repair solutions. Our remedial builders handle everything from structural reinforcements to façade restorations.

We know that commercial buildings have unique challenges, so we’re ready to fix leaks, repair structural strengthening and more.

We use advanced techniques and high-quality materials and protective coatings to make sure your building lasts longer and looks good. Whether you need to fix water damage, reinforce beams, or repair masonry, our experts are here to deliver excellent results.

Commercial Remedial Building Repair Sydney
Strata Remedial Builders In Sydney


We work with strata managers to make sure your property stays safe, functional, and attractive for everyone living there. Strata properties have unique challenges, like structural issues, water leaks, and general wear and tear.

Our skilled team works closely with the strata manager and committees to find problems and fix them quickly. We cover everything from concrete spalling repairs and façade restorations to waterproofing and balcony repairs. Our proactive approach helps you avoid expensive future repairs and keeps your property valuable.

You can trust us for quality work, clear communication, and minimal disruption to residents.

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FAQ About Remedial Building

A remedial builder is a builder who specialises on the repair, restoration, and rectification of existing buildings rather than constructing new ones. The aim of remedial work is to address and rectify defects, damage or deterioration that may have occurred over time to the building or due to specific events or poor workmanship.

The job of a remedial builder typically involves diagnosing the issue, recommending the solution to resolve it, and then carrying out the remediation work.

A remedial builder will also ensure that the building meets current legislation and legal standards, and can often carry out upgrades when required.

Remedial work is required when a building has issues arising from wear and tear, poor construction, environmental factors, ground movement, or design flaws. The purpose of remedial building work is to prolong the life of a building and ensure it is safe to use.

While there’s no strict rule as to how often you should inspect your property for issues, regular inspections every few years or after severe weather events are a good idea to identify potential problems early on. For older buildings or properties in high-risk areas, more frequent inspections are recommended. Catching problems early on and carrying out remedial work can often prevent minor issues from escalating into major, costly problems.

The longevity of remedial repairs depends on the quality of work, materials used, and the nature of the issue. With high-quality materials and work done properly, the repair should last many years, but it’s crucial to maintain and inspect the property regularly.

This depends on the type of insurance policy you have and the cause of the damage. Some insurance policies might cover damages from specific events (like storms) but not issues arising from wear and tear or poor workmanship.

Maintenance is routine work done to prevent deterioration and keep a building in good condition. Remedial work addresses existing issues, defects, or damage to the building.

Remedial builders require specific knowledge to properly perform the repairs. Using a builder with specific experience in remedial work (such as us at SMR Builders) will ensure that they are able to correctly carry out all repairs and remedial work up to standard.

This depends on the scope of the work and severity of the issue. For smaller issues, this will probably not be necessary. But if it’s a big job, you may need to temporarily vacate.

The cost varies significantly based on the issue, the extent of damage, materials used, and labour charges. It’s best to contact us so we can give you an accurate estimate of what you’d be looking at cost-wise to repair your building.

Regular maintenance to your property, using quality materials during initial construction, and addressing minor issues promptly can reduce the need for extensive remedial work in the future.

Building codes and standards in Australia ensure that remedial work meets current safety and quality benchmarks. Any remedial work needs to comply with the relevant Australian Standards and local regulations.

While minor repairs might be within the realm of DIY, many remedial tasks require expertise, specialised tools, and knowledge of building codes. It’s usually recommended to engage professionals for remedial work.

Remedial Building Projects We Have Completed

What Our Clients Say About Us

“I’ve had Predrag manage four projects for me for over four years, and I’ve been completely satisfied. Predrag was completely professional, starting with the quotes for the jobs he undertook, breaking them down into sections. He also has an eye for detail and makes suggestions for anything he feels needs attention. He’s punctual and reliable, and so I couldn’t recommend Predrag highly enough.”

Helen Muir

“Predrag Loncar of SMR Builders was hired in March 2020 to carry out remedial repairs to our property, to reverse bad building practices during the original build 20 years ago, which had led to extensive damp problems in the walls. His initial inspection was detailed, wide-ranging and thorough. After we had accepted his quote, he made sure that he consulted and liaised with us at every stage of the work. When he opened the walls for repair, in several places, he discovered further problems which he carefully explained to us and then offered suggestions for repair. With Predrag and SMR Builders, you will get someone passionate about his work, who has a detectives’ nose for seeking out the best possible solution and who wants to achieve the best possible result. He is very aware that his work is in someone’s home, and he constantly stresses to his men to be respectful of their surroundings. We are very happy to say that the team of Christian the foreman, with Ivan and Caramba, were very pleasant to have around, and did not cause us any problems at all. We have no hesitation in recommending Predrag and SMR Builders; it would be very difficult to find a better builder for your remedial work.”

Gillian Russell & William Hope

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