We are specialised in remedial and waterproofing investigation, using different testing methods we are focused on finding a cause of the issue and specify appropriate systems for rectification of that issue. 

SMR builders supplies building consultancy services based on inspections and investigations which are carried out by experienced and licensed builders.

The aim is to accurately find and report the main causes of damage to a building (and structures). Conclusion is based on evidence that the builder collects during building inspection and the expert knowledge.

The process is:

• Inspect and find out about the causes of damage to the building.

• Supply reliable and expert advice about best ways to fix the damage of the building.

• Generate a comprehensive building investigation report including coloured descriptive photographs.

At SMR, our focus is to provide you with the confidence you need in order to get the best result from your new home or asset, current building project, or future development. 

We provide a prompt and affordable service direct to our clients. Anything building related, proposed, new or existing, we can help. 

  1. Bathroom Leaks
  2. Door and Windows
  3. Balcony leaks
  4. Roof Leaks
  5. Rising damp
  6. Falling damp
  7. Condensation
  8. Negative Airflow
  9. Structural investigation